what is this place?

HELLO! I’m Kiki. I live in Sydney, Australia.

Rugby league owns my heart. My friends and family are awesome personified. I like boys, vodka and Fleetwood Mac. I swear too much, talk too loudly and hate wearing a bra.

I am the co-owner of two pet rabbits, Roy Asotasi and Preston Campbell.


You may know me from such blogs as Oh Errol but I decided I needed a space to call my own.

‘In fine feather’ is a retro expression for being in good health, something I am most definitely not. This blog will basically be venting about my struggle to change this fact.


6 responses to “what is this place?

  1. Lauren Barlow


    I represent some great health and wellbeing clients who are looking to do some cross promotional work with you! Please email me. Lauren Elise x

  2. Kelly

    Love the blog so far

  3. Kiki! Good luck with your new blog- yes it is a great community- I’ve met wonderful people and learned so much through blogging!

  4. I’m loving the humor and rants! Keep them coming, along with the healthy living attempt of course. hehe!

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