the last days : praise jesus, it’s over!


Well, kinda. In the interests of transparency, I will grudgingly admit that I cheated last night. I hate myself for it and I certainly paid for it. I’m back at my parents house and was watching Entourage (Llooooyddd!!) in our home cinema. It killed me because a) usually whenever I’m in there I snack on junk  and b) god damn those bastards on that show for ALWAYS BLOODY EATING. Seriously, that show is like food porn. Especially when you’ve subsisted on juice and bland tasteless health food all week.

So I snapped. I made mini muffin pizzas. 2 white muffins, tomato paste and cheese = one sick Kiki. Seriously guys, I know that stuff doesn’t always agree with me but holy shit, I’ve never seen my tummy bloat up so fast. It was so gross and it felt like someone was punching inside my stomach, trying to get out. Deadset I looked like I was about to give birth.

Consequently I did not wake up with a clear head today. Rather, I reverted back to sleeping for a ridiculously long time because I just couldn’t wake up. And when I finally did I felt like my head was surrounded by a thick fog. And my tummy is still bloated.

I hate myself so much for this but at least I proved just how bad that stuff can be for me when my system is already cleaned out. I can proudly say I didn’t crack and have any alcohol, Coke, codeine, pasta, sugar, chocolate, artificial colours, flavours and sweeteners ALL WEEK! Also I even drank all the lemon and cayenne pepper juices on the detox. They are pretty damn brutal my friends.

Apart from the muffin pizza incident, I have definitely noticed some benefits of having a clean system. For some reason my under eye circles are darker (must be the toxins coming out..bugger), but my Mum commented on how bright my skin looked and how flat my tummy was. I feel lighter and more toned even though I haven’t exercised. All my allergies have calmed down, my nails aren’t splitting like usual (they look so strong and healthy now) and I don’t feel constantly exhausted. The muscles in my back and neck that usually cramp up constantly, causing huge amounts of pain, have seemed to relax a bit. I just feel BETTER.

Considering I was detoxing from so much, I am pretty damn happy with my week. I kinda knew I wasn’t gonna be perfect, because well, I’m me…..but I think I’ve learnt alot and it was necessary to go through it. That mind and body fog I suffered from before? It’s pretty much gone. This is amazing to me. Deep down I knew it was due to my food intolerances, but I think I had to go through this detox to REALLY know it.

From now on I am going to keep Coke and pasta as special treats, only use codeine when I absolutely need it, only eat gluten free bread, keep cheese to a minimum and not a staple food and in general try and make sure everything I put into my body is as close to it’s natural form as possible.

Is this blog over? NOPE! I still have a long way to go. This is just the beginning. Next week I’m gonna start excercising. LORD HELP ME.



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7 responses to “the last days : praise jesus, it’s over!

  1. lisa rowley

    well miss CONGRATULATION.!!not only surviving the week but also finding what makes your body tick AND FINALLY SAYING …SHIT IT REALLY WAS ALL THE SHITI WAS THROWING DOWN.!! now that your on your path to better living ( i wont say clean cause clean is perfect and well perfect is BULLSHIT.!!)you wont look back and good luck in sorting out the exercise sure they will be nothing short of hilarious.!!
    lisa xo

  2. That is seriously brilliant and I’m so impressed. Even I’ve cheated on occasion. We’re very proud of you, so if you’d like to do another day (for free – we love free!), and have another shot at your final day, just email me ( and I’ll organise for you.

    Well done and good for you for making a change. Call or email me any time for advice.

    Emma xx

  3. I’ve been reading lately (lord help me indeed) and between you and her i feel inspired to do the 21 day cleanse.

    Want to do it with me??

    Plus there’s a 60 day bikram yoga challenge. I’m so thinking about it.

  4. kitty

    Go kizzy! Seriously proud of you dollface .. it’s super hard to commit to this detox lark but sounds like you’re seeing all the benefits – especially weening yourself off the painkillers and diet coke xxx

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