Last night I came close to giving up. You know that episode of the Simpsons when Homer goes on a hunger strike?? That’s pretty much me right now. Yes, that is the sound of my stomach eating itself. Lyiing in bed last night I was doubled over trying to quiet my growling tummy, fighting the urge to go to the 24 hours Maccas and buy 5 cheeseburgers and eat them in the parking lot.

Usually when I diet and I get hungry at night I can look forward to a good breakfast in the morning, but last night all I could think was ‘oh jesus, more juice….NOOOOOO!’. Then I thought of the beetroot juice I had to drink the next day and actually dry heaved. I had to hang my head off the side of the bed coz I literally thought I was about to vom. When the delivery dude knocked on my door and handed me two more days worth of juice I almost cried. Shit is bleak people.

I am proud to report though, I didn’t go to Maccas. I didn’t even go to the kitchen and get a snack. Consequently I woke up today with a clearer head than usual. The norm for me is to stumble bleary eyed through the house and shove caffeine into my system until I feel vaguely human, so to be able to wake up and not feel as corpse like is pretty awesome.

I went to the hairdresser today and usually I would sip on endless cans of Coke Zero, and I got the WORST craving for it as soon as I sat down in the chair. But I held strong and drank water instead.

To be perfectly honest, I am yet to experience the euphoria and GOD I FEEL SO AMAZING. Hopefully that will come. The best thing is, however, is the fact my tummy is the flattest it’s been in months. I thought that was all fat! Apparently it’s just bloating from all the crap I was putting into my body. Good to know.

I still want a cheeseburger.



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7 responses to “day three : I JUST WANT A CHEESEBURGER

  1. eliescha

    Awww … u are doing so well! So much stronger than I am! Although a few years back I did lose around 30 kilos and at first it was really hard, but the more I stuck to it the easier it became and the more energy I had… and yeh sometimes i craved a cheeseburger but eventually the thought of one disgusted me! So congrats ..I know its hard and u are doing so well xo

  2. When I became vego I would crave cheeseburgers/sausage rolls/miscellaneous meat products at the start (and this included breaking a habit of eating Maccas every Friday night since I was in primary school).

    And whilst I do still crave them sometimes, I don’t NEED them like I used to. IT’S A MIRACLE!

    I honestly believe that in a couple of weeks you will hardly think about cheeseburgers or any of the other stuff you’re craving like woah now (and you know that too). The only reason we eat all that shit is because our senses remember how good it can be.


  3. Bart

    Giving up the soft drink seems to make the most difference quickly in terms of losing the bloat and getting a flatter tummy. At least it does for me when I abstain from coke, but comes right back when I go back to a can a day.

    Good luck Kiki, but don’t hold out for the mystical euphoria (which I’ve never experienced either), just focus on having achieved the results you’re achieving (eg flatter tummy) day by day.

    Good luck – you will get there, since you are putting your mind to it!

  4. Josh

    Well done! People tell me, that after drinking it constantly, water tastes so much better. I’m still yet to experience this.

    Best of luck for the rest of the week!

  5. I soooooo wish I could do this. I have the willpower of a…….totally willpowerless twat. I’d have dived head first into a block of chocolate the very minute my tummy even contemplated a growl.

    As for the caffeine, I go into horrors at the very thought of losing that.

    Well done Kiki.


    it’s a miracle i haven’t broken and gone to Maccas. i am in shock at my self

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