day two : what’s that pain in my back?


First of all I just want to say thankyou thankyou thankyou for all the love you’ve already thrown my way. I really need the support, believe me. So keep it up help me stay the course!

So it’s Day Two and I am feeling……okay. Just so you guys get an idea of what I’m detoxing from, I’ve gone from a diet of eating whatever I want to one that eliminates the following (at least during the detox) –

* codeine – AAAAAAAAAAH HELP. As I said before, I live on painkillers and I know they are terrible for me but I guess I became somewhat addicted to them? Anyway I’m not taking them any more. This is the hardest one to give up.

* Coke Zero/Diet Coke – this one is the HARDEST. I would drink about a litre a day, sometimes more. Whenever I felt sick, tired or just bored I would reach for it. Now crutch is gone and I am struggling.

* chocolate – I’m not a massive choccie eater but I do like it, but that’s a goner.

* cheese/milk/most dairy  – Cheese is literally my favourite food so this is also killing me.

* wheat, bread, pasta – I have a wheat intolerance and anything containing wheat makes my tummy blow up so I look preggers. But pasta is the love of my life so living without it is damn rough.

* sugar, artificial sweeteners – so not only can I not have Diet Coke, I can’t have any other soft drinks either..waaaaah

* artificial flavours, thickeners, additives – you guys have no idea just how much food has this stuff in! Trying to find something to have for dinner was a nightmare. I have become one of those people that reads the labels, kill me!

So yeh, it’s alot. No wonder I’m feeling pretty shit. As Urban Remedy warned, I would experience symptoms like headache, runny nose, dizziness and I’m getting all of them in spades. Not to mention the weird shooting pains that keep coarsing through my body, specifically the left side of my back which I described to the girls last night as ‘giving birth from my back’. FUN FUN.

Because of alllllll the stuff I’m detoxing from, I’ve added in some more food. For my own sanity. For dinner tonight I had one raw red capsicum and some gluten free, wheat free wrap bread grilled under the oven to make chip like thingies plus some all natural hummous (really really natural, I read that label 8000 times). Also when I get hunger pangs at night I’m having a sprinkling of muesli with the best all natural yoghurt out there, Jalna (I have the low fat berry version).

Trying to get down six juices a day is proving kinda difficult. They taste pretty good for what they are, but they are no Coke Zero. Aaaaaah Coke, how I miss you. On the upside, they don’t burn my insides like soft drink does so YAY.

I also have the worst sleeping habits of anyone I know, and I hope to change this. Last night I went to bed at midnight, the earliest in MONTHS! Also, instead of nightmares which I usually have, I had pretty benign dreams.

Anyway, to sum up. I don’t feel great but I’m not giving up.



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14 responses to “day two : what’s that pain in my back?

  1. Jalna is amazing! I have it with muesli tooo.

  2. lisa rowley

    hill from there on…. xo

  3. Ann

    It’s amazing that you slept better on night 1. Could it be the absence of caffeine? Keep it up you are doing so well. xxxxxxxx

  4. Oh you poor little chicken! Can you still have grog?
    I’m totally gluten intolerant, Coeliac is the diagnosis, and I have to live without wheat/flour and lots of tasty goodness, you get used to it, but giving up white bread and pasta was very hard.

    Good luck with it all. x

  5. Good luck! Holy crap, you’re going full on.
    Passionfruit Jalna with some oats and fruit is awesome for brekkie.

  6. jessanomic

    good work mate. keep it up. i am a coke fiend too. so i will try and cut down too in accordance with your blog and efforts.

  7. Jessica Louise

    Personally i think detoxes are a load of phooey but that doesnt stop me from doing them! It’s like hitting the reset button in terms of breaking bad food habits and so it is a good thing overall.

    I think the biggest thing you’re doing right now is giving up codeine and caffeine. HOLY SHIT. No wonder you’re in pain and feeling crappy! But still, excellent work!

    We dont really have juice delivery companies here so i have to rely on good old David Jones for their freshly juiced juices each day. So far so good! But then i’m still taking codeine and drinking caffeine. *hugs to chest*

  8. jalna is the bees knees!


  9. Yasbean

    Our backyard looks very tranquil in that photo.
    ps. GO TEAM!



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